Ancient greek jewelry

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What is costume ancient greek jewelry?

The main charm of ancient greek jewelry is that it is accessible to all. Any girl can afford jewelry made of artificial or semi-precious stones, creating original and complete images.
Translated from the French word bijouterie means the trade in jewelry. Today, ancient greek jewelry is called everything that is not created from precious metals and stones.

What is the difference between jewelry and ancient greek jewelry?

Lets start with the fact that jewelry was originally a copy of expensive ancient greek jewelry, made from cheaper materials. However, over time, it also became valuable. There are new ways of processing and grinding of semi-precious stones. This contributed to the fact that ancient greek jewelry has become no less valuable than jewelry. The works of many craftsmen who work with semi-precious stones, glass, can build more expensive products made of gold or silver.

Expensive ancient greek jewelry

Many masters of the 20th century began to choose ancient greek jewelry. Many jewelers appreciate Swarovski synthetic stones. Over time, jewelry began to actively compete with original jewelry. However, despite the fact that many pieces of jewelry from Chanel, Armani, Calvin Klein, is very expensive, designers say that diamonds have become too expensive to use on dresses.

So, ancient greek jewelry!